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    PAUL MCCARTHY (Sirius Ascension) is a successful international Channel, Workshop Leader and Author of five books. He has trained thousands of Star Seeds and spiritual students within his workshops and online courses over the past 13 years. He has given over 200 workshops in his New Age and Star Seed centers in London, Vienna, Copenhagen, Oslo and Amsterdam. His work is authentic, unique and powerful.

    Attuned Crystals


    Paul attunes 1000's of crystals for use by participants in his workshops and for sale on his websites. Paul uses rock quartz crystals that have been skilfully programmed (attuned) by himself to hold specific spiritual and healing energies and to act as portals connecting us to guides, other dimensions and realms. By holding the crystals you can access the energies and enjoy the benefits. Some people have a sensitivity to such energies and can feel them working in their aura. Sensitivity can be developed by working with the crystals. 

    Although crystals naturally emit beneficial energies, Paul chooses to work with rock (pure) quartz crystals as they are the best crystal to hold attuned energy. Indeed because quartz has unique properties such as piezoelectricity, energy storage and amplification abilities, it has helped us create many of our modern tools of technology, such as lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and much more. For attuning purposes, the quartz crystals need to be round in shape but their appearance is not important. Attuned crystals are always better than natural crystals because they are more specific and the energies they hold are more powerful and can be adjusted. Paul attunes crystals by first finding the correct vibration in his energy field and then programming the crystal to hold and emit this energy. Not many people can do this correctly and even those who claim to be able to do this, often lack the sensitivity needed to check their work. As a result some practitioners make mistakes in their attunement work. As such ALL crystals offered by Paul have been personally attuned by himself and checked before a client receives them    


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